Security, maintenance & support

At web’s the word, we are always there to support your business. We are proactive and take great pride in our work so we are always on the lookout for new ways to make your website faster, safer and more successful.

It’s important for a good agency to take responsibility when things go badly not just when they go well. We know there is always a risk of bugs, attacks or issues, regardless how robust your website is. Our developers are committed to responding promptly if your site goes down or your customers can’t make an order, we’ll work day and night until it’s resolved.

We offer three types of support package, so you can be sure what’s best suited for your business needs:

Monthly Retainers

Our monthly retainers really are as simple as they sound. You get support from our development support team for a pre-agreed amount of hours per month. Get in touch to find out the different monthly retainers we offer today.

Pay as you go

Our most simple support service – With our Pay As You Go support service, you simply pay for the hours you use.

Emergency Response

Sometimes the unimaginable can happen and we know how costly it can be to your business. Our dedicated support team can be ready to jump to your aid if such an emergency was to occur.