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eCommerce Strategy

At Web’s The Word we consider ourselves a one-stop shop for all things eCommerce and Magento. From general consultations to designing and building Magento websites from scratch, we’re the agency to come to. We want to know about your customers, your goals and your vision. Together we will work to create a thorough practical plan of action that lets your company or brand stand out and increase your sales.

We know that an unplanned eCommerce project that we don’t understand has a very high chance of spiralling into a waste of time, money and energy. Over a period of time we have learned to put a lot of emphasis on the importance of planning. We won’t sit back and wait for you to give us a brief; we will discuss a brief with you that helps us both to arrive at a suitable conclusion for your company.

Your understanding of your business and our eCommerce knowledge will create a great synergy in terms of identifying what needs to be prioritised, when and how.

We are not a specialist SEO agency nor do we claim to know all when it comes to PPC and SEO. What we do know is how to best create and maintain a website that will allow you to achieve your SEO goals and get the best return investment for your PPC campaign.

If your website is not doing what you want it to do, you need to know why not. We will help you to compare your website to your competition and understand the user journey and flow. We will identify where on the website users are dropping out and why they aren’t buying despite browsing its products.

Our eventual goal for your website will be to ensure that traffic converts to sales or enquiries. We don’t just help websites but grow alongside them to increase conversion, increase sales and see exponential growth.

In today’s world over 62% of website traffic comes from mobile and tablet browsing. We used to design websites that were responsive on mobiles and tablets but we have evolved with technology as an eCommerce agency; we now design and develop websites with mobile use at the heart of them. We ensure that our websites display seamless performance across mobiles, tablets and browsers, and are fully responsive on all platforms.

We can help you if you are considering starting an app in conjunction with your website or store, and implement functions such as Apple Pay to guarantee that your website is keeping up with technologies and customer demand.

We can internationalise your store by making sure that it supports multiple currencies and is multilingual if your business caters to international markets. We have developed a lot of websites with these features. We’ve worked with the Chinese market and European market, and have also worked with businesses that have admins sitting in multiple regional locations.

Design And Branding

We will look at and compare your Magento website’s competition and put a lot of effort and understanding into your business, your customers, and the competition. Without understanding every stakeholder within the business and the people who are going to be using the site there is no way we can build a successful Magento website that will give you a decent amount of conversion.

We love this part of the business and we will come to the table with lots of questions. We come to the table telling you what we have found from a technical point of view as to why your competitors are doing better than you. We put in the hard work with competitive research, user research and can organise focus groups if required.

We want people to know that as a Magento agency we try to improve the brand identity of your business, although we can successfully work with other branding agencies that cater to your taste. We consider ourselves a full circle Magento agency in understanding what works and what doesn’t. We do have an in-house graphic designer and a UI/UX specialist who can help create great branding and logos to compliment your business needs.

However, if you already have a brand guideline we can take that and build your Magento website on to it. We want to help bring your vision and concept to life.

At Web’s The Word we have creativity and the Magento and eCommerce experience to know how to get your website and brand to stand out and maximise your business potential. We know how to construct the UI and UX of your website to ensure it leads to improved sales and conversion rates through carefully planned user journeys.

Magento Development

While we have been exposed to other platforms and established vast knowledge and experience of the world of eCommerce, we are masters of Magento and consider this to be the best software on the market.

Magento is what we have always done and our developers work with the front and back end. We’ve been exposed to Magento since its early years and have now transitioned to Magento 2 alongside Magento 1. Not only can we continue to develop complex stores in Magento 1 but we can comfortably take that on with Magento 2. We create Magento eCommerce stores to the highest quality, and want our clients to recognise us as their consultants and partners for all things Magento.

Magento offers a wide range of free and premium extensions, which can add new features or improve current ones. Different extensions can perform different tasks, such as improving search functionality, optimising payment pages and sending automated emails to registered users in different scenarios. Working with extensions will improve the UX of your website and make maintaining your store a much easier task.

When it comes to extensions, we’re flexible. We’re happy to work with the extensions that fit your needs, or develop custom extensions if you’re looking for a function that none of the available addons can perform. We’ll also provide support if extensions are glitching or posing other problems to your website.

We know that while one standalone website might work for some businesses, others will require a more complex setup. With Magento we can offer a solution to fit your needs. Magento allows you to display one back end on multiple domains, which means that products added to your listings can automatically display across all websites. This makes it an easy task to maintain multiple websites which display the same store, eliminating the need to manage two separate stores.

Magento extensions are not solely about adding/improving the features of your website; they can also be used to connect your store to third parties, giving your business and your customers more options. Third party integration can include additional payment gateways, search vendors, POS solutions and more. We can take advantage of these options to improve the UX of your website.

Using Magento as the platform to build your website upon opens up possibilities in terms of how your store is managed. Omnichannel integration allows your products to be displayed and sold through multiple avenues. This can include multiple websites and apps, but it doesn’t end there. We can also use omnichannel integration to display your products on other platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Rakuten, all while still managing one back end.

Omnichannel integration will ultimately extend the scope through which you can reach potential customers without overcomplicating your job.

Our work doesn’t finish when your website goes live. We are well versed in all aspects of the Magento software and will work hard to ensure that your website continues to run quickly, efficiently and securely after it has launched. We’ll be on top of any updates released by Magento to ensure that your website is ready for them, and we’ll be here to help if your website encounters any glitches or errors.

Magento 2

Magento 2 was launched in 2015 and is the newest version of the platform that we specialise in. Many businesses are now looking to upgrade their websites to utilise the updated software, and as a Magento developer we are here to help.

We have been working with Magento 2 since its release in 2015 and have successfully migrated over 20 stores onto Magento 2 so far. We will make sure that you understand what this upgrade means for your website and the many benefits that it will bring in terms of achieving your goals.

Magento 2 is faster and more powerful software, but is designed to provide a better user experience for customers and admin. It is able to grow as businesses grow and maintains the flexibility that Magento is known for, whilst adding important and useful features. Its highly improved interface will make maintaining your store an easier task, without needing to have a technical understanding of the software. It is, first and foremost, a business tool for business users and business needs.

Magento 2 has a built-in Full Page Cache component and built-in support for Varnish, a popular extension for Magento. These improvements can potentially reduce page load time from 5-10 seconds to 1-2 seconds, improving conversion rates.

It also integrates with many popular payment gateways which weren’t previously supported, including PayPal, and Braintree. CyberSource and WorldPay are also both available in the Enterprise Edition. These options ultimately give you more freedom when it comes to the development of your store, and will improve the experience for customers using your store.

Magento 2 is still a relatively new platform, which means that while the list of available extensions is growing, you will not be able to find every extension that was available for Magento 1. We are here to solve any problems that this poses to you. If an extension that you want to use isn’t available, our developers can create custom extensions to ensure that your transition to Magento 2 is smooth.

Transferring product listings and registered customers from your existing website to a new Magento 2 store might seem like a daunting process. The Magento 2 Data Migration Tool simplifies this process, allowing you to move your products, customers and order data, store configurations, promotions and more to a new website. We will work with this tool to ensure that these tasks doesn’t have to be done manually, saving time and effort.

Dedicated Support

We operate a fully consultative process and want you to feel that we are part of the team. Full training in Magento will be provided and we will expose you to what Magento can do for you and your company.

You will have all the technical support that you need with campaigns and promotions. We can implement a feature that automates any ongoing support that you need; if your server goes down, if you have done something with negative consequences, we will be there to help you.


We will work with you to create the best Magento website strategy that helps you along the way. We will help you to understand analytics and will monitor reports for your website, such as average performance of certain products, so that you know exactly what is working and what isn’t.

Once a website is live we can view heat maps and make changes to features based on what we discover about customer behaviour across the website.

When your website is live we will constantly monitor it to see how it can be improved in order to maximise and maintain performance across all devices.


WordPress is an open-source website creation tool and content management system. It is the most popular and powerful platform of its type, and is likely a fitting solution if what you need is a professional looking website outside of the world of dedicated eCommerce.

While we’re an eCommerce agency and specialise in Magento, we also have extensive experience and knowledge with WordPress, having built many websites on the system. From an off-the-shelf template install and configuration to a bespoke design and build, we’re here for your WordPress needs.

If you’re looking for an attractive, affordable, user friendly and mobile compatible brochure website to promote your business, WordPress ticks all of these boxes. WordPress allows us to develop websites which are easy to use from the perspective of users and admins, and are fully responsive when viewed on mobiles and tablets.

WordPress offers customisation options which will ensure that your website is truly YOUR website, and stands out among competitors rather than looking like a generic template.

We’ll be with you for every step of the way of the process of creating a WordPress website, from branding and design to development and maintenance of the site.

We’ll take advantage of WordPress’ features and our own expertise to build the perfect website for your business. We can customise themes, colours, fonts, image placement – virtually any visual aspect of your website – to create a sleek look which can establish a new brand or encapsulate an existing one.

We’ll work with free or premium WordPress plugins which will extend or expand the functionality of your WordPress website. We can also create custom plugins tailored to your desires and needs. As UI/UX specialists we’ll ensure that your website is simple to maintain as an administrator, and simple to navigate as a visitor.

We’ll provide ongoing support for your WordPress website when development is complete. We’ll ensure that plugins that have been implemented continue to function as they should and deal with any glitches or errors that you encounter. We’ll also be prepared for updates to the WordPress software to ensure that your website is ready to take on these updates and remain functional and secure going forward.

Mobile Apps

With our app portfolio growing rapidly, we’re here to help innovators who want to build smart and functional mobile/tablet apps built for iOS or Android. We can build native apps in most popular coding languages.

Mobile use has never been a more crucial factor for businesses to consider as it becomes more ingrained in our society and the way that people live their lives. Having a website that will function on mobiles and tablets is vital, but having an application gives you the advantage of being in the pockets of your customers at all times.

We can build applications for iPhones, iPads and Samsung mobiles and tablets. We’ve been involved in the development of many apps, including the app of leading takeaway service Just Eat, and are confident in offering a bespoke solution to suit your needs.

Planning the development and release of a mobile application is a crucial part of the process; failure to appropriately plan is the easiest way to ensure that your app launch is unsuccessful. We’ll help you to understand what needs to be considered and work with you to plan your app accordingly and give it the best chance of succeeding.

To effectively plan your application we’ll need an even greater understanding of what you want to achieve from your app and who the target users of your app are, as well as what your target users want from your app. We’ll look at your competitors’ apps and can organise user research and focus groups in order to maximise our understanding of these things and give ourselves a strong base of knowledge to build your app onto.

We’ll speak to you about what is and isn’t possible in application development from a technical point of view. We understand that clients may not possess this technical knowledge, so we can bring our insight to the table and discuss features that can be implemented, or offer different solutions if a feature that you’d like to implement isn’t practical.

We’ll think about features which can be added beyond your application’s initial release. Statistics show that previous users of an app are likely to re-engage when new versions are released with new features, and this is something that we’ll take on board to think about not just capturing the attention of your target market, but keeping their attention.

As mobile application developers and UI/UX specialists we’ll ensure that these aspects of your app are up to standard. Maximising the user experience is key to an app’s success because if it isn’t easy to use, people won’t want to use it. We’ll consider the user journey in order to design and develop an intuitive mobile experience with high performance and functionality.